1st UFO Incedint Inducted Into State

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How & Why

  • This encounter stands as the 1st and only UFO incident to be inducted into State as a historically true.The location of that September 1969 event at the Sheffield Bridge was closed off by the Town in 1994. However In 2015 the property owner offered the land to preserve the renowned UFO incident and/or location. The area is now a UFO Park.

  • The Monument Was Funded By The Community. As It Was A Community Witnessed Incident. That Encounter  Involved The Reed Family Who Owned And Operated The Village On The Green Diner. 

Official Park Sponsors

  • Roswell UFO Museum 
  • Travis Walton - Fire In The Sky
  • Ben Hansen -TV's Fact Or Faked
  • Thom Reed  - Miami Models
  • Rob, Aileen & Sami Terzi
  • Gary Halloway 
  • Todd Ehmke

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  • Judge Kevin Titus
  • Shawn Stowe
  • Pine Island Farms



Open 24/7 Sheffield MA.

UFO Park Contact: Shawn Stowe

Thom Reed: UFOMonument Park


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